anonymous asked: Okay I know it was just a guess and not based on empirical evidence but I HAVE TO ask: What made you guess ISTP for Jesus. I always see people guess INFJ or ENFJ! ISTP is very interesting! (I adore your blog btw!) ♡

IZ: Too cool? He could also have been an ESTP? He was an activist? INFJs and ENFJs are not very in-your-face activists. Is Mag Ruffman going to anger the Romans by enthusiastically promoting the trades? No, she is very obviously really nice and just scary/inept with a chainsaw. The Romans would have had trouble taking NFJ anger seriously. They obviously took Jesus seriously. He seemed to really enjoy debate? The Romans clearly did not appreciate this about him. He had followers? People tend to follow people with whom they strongly relate. There are more STPs than NFJs and you could argue that STPs are more relatable leaders to more people. More people who present themselves using self-aggrandizing names like “Son of God” (sarcastically or seriously)  are in the ESTP tag; for example, Kanye West (Yeezus), Madonna (Madonna).

MS:  Also the aesthetic – I am not up on the context of the long hair/robes/sandals vibe for the time, but it’s not a very J-type look. Agreed that he could have been an ESTP.  (Actually, that is probably more likely.)

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