WordPress would like be to get another gmail account. I would not like to do that, so I’m pretty sure this comment box goes nowhere. If you would like to leave me an ask, you can ask me over at my tumblr, where anon asking is permitted. Asks are easier for me to track if they’re all in one place, anyway.

I have anon-commenting enabled on individual posts here (it doesn’t look like it, but you can comment without signing an email address), so you can also contact me that way.

I do not type characters.

I have stopped replying to asks that I’ve already filled.  If you’re not sure if your ask has been filled, you can find out by searching in the search bar, either on the side or bottom of your page.

Please check and make sure there’s at least one interview (hopefully more), in English, on youtube (vimeo or dailymotion are also acceptable, but I run in to out-of-country problems if the interviews are only on news sites) before you send me an ask, thanks!

Sorry if I don’t get back to you right away – you can keep track of how many people I’m currently typing here.