anonymous asked: What do you think is the biggest misconception about each type?

IZ: That sounds like a time-consuming, large-scale study.

MS: I tend to think most of the big misconceptions are less about people not getting other people and more about basing information on people who are not well typed. 

(Says the person salty enough to run a blog about it…)

anonymous asked: Hi, I was just wondering if you could recommend two people to compare videos of, to get a better sense of the difference between intp’s and entp’s?

IZ: Since they were on the same show and may be viewed together, often and in similar contexts, how about David Schwimmer and Matthew Perry? 

MS: There’s also a set of brothers: Nathaniel and Simon Rich, although I don’t think they appear in videos together.

anonymous asked: Could you give some reasoning as to why you think jack white is an istp? Sometimes I feel he could be an intuitive but I’m not sure. His writing and ideas do seem to be somewhat abstract. I’ve been wondering about this and I can’t seem to get it off my mind.

Anonymous said to mbti-sorted:  I’ve read that istp’s prefer to not theorize very often and Jack White seems to theorize a lot. His idea that the blues represents the truth thus all music is just a different form of the blues is one example. He does seem pretty adept at Se but I wonder if his Ni and Fe would be higher in his functional stack making him an infj. What do you think?  

IZ: He has opinions and ideas – which is not necessarily the same as having a focus on being theoretically sound. He mentions an abstract concept, “The Truth” like it’s a real thing. A lot of SPs will say things like that, often without any sense of irony. That type of statement makes an INFJ’s brain hurt.  

kissycoffee asked: hi i see you’ve had several messages about harry styles in the past but i’m not really convinced he’s esfp. he’s a bit difficult to type but a lot of his fans think he’s enfj which i can see. the way he talks about how he hates the word “famous” because of how it degrades a person seems like an example of healthy Fe-Ni. he also has very strong morals and has become quite the advocate since going solo. i’d be curious to hear your thoughts if you felt like taking another evaluation of him

IZ: People who get easily offended when people try to define them as something they don’t feel they are / people who obviously have morals are often high on Fi. Compare these Lisa Kudrow (laughing fit) and Matt Leblanc (f-you) responses to mean tweets or how an ENFJ and an ESFP react to being insulted.  ENFJs don’t have obvious morals.

anonymous asked: which is the main difference in character between infj and isfj? they seem to close and i have no idea which one of them i am

IZ: You are a witness at the scene of a crime.  May you be relied upon to give a detailed and accurate report to the police?  If yes, you might have more Si than Ni.

Since you asked a blog, there is always a happy chance you are not sceptical/paranoid enough for either type.

MS: Ok, on the one hand, infj-zen and my ISFJ mom are at the super introverted end of the scale, and I can tell she’s basing this answer on that.  On the other hand, if you keep getting one or the other type as a test result, it’s also possible that you’re a shadow-functioning extravertAn ESTP with the same functions as an INFJ, but you’re clearly an S-type, for example, so you keep testing as an ISFJ.