2 thoughts on “Pete Buttigieg

  1. First I need to clarify that I’m not a big fan of Pete Buttigieg… Not because I have anything against him personally, but because he doesn’t seem authentic and is just a young ambitious careerist politician (jumps the step from Mayor straight to presidential candidate without trying to gain more experience as senator first, follows all of Obama’s steps including publishing a memoir during his campaign, talks about his privileged life in elite schools and ignores the homeless people outside Harvard’s gate – not much empathy etc.). He comes across to me as ISTP/INTP in inferior Fe grip. Doing politics not out of conviction (Fi) but to get recognition and adoration. I don’t hear passion in his speech but usually calculated answers based on what works (system based thought process – Ti). Also has been caught recycling Andrew Yang’s answers or speeches (refer to the comparison video on YouTube). He changes his policy position based on what’s perceived to be popular and electable at the time (intially supporting Medicare for All, then going against it). So he’s definitely not Fi/Te. He has that cold, sharp Ti look and a small amount of warmth in his facial expressions (inferior Fe) with an awkward laughter. I give him credit for effort, but I don’t think he will be a president who has the people’s best interests in mind – his track record as Mayor shows this too. Furthermore, we already have an example in the White House now (Trump – ESTP) of someone who doesn’t lead with actual conviction. It’s just that Pete is Introverted, so he has slightly more depth and has much better restraint about revealing his actual thoughts.


    1. From infj-zen:

      “Pete is an excellent public speaker who rose quickly in politics because of how well he communicates with an audience. He is similar to other enfp politicians such as Bill Clinton or Justin Trudeau. He is excellent at speaking in circles and appearing to answer questions while not necessarily saying anything.

      I think there is a misunderstanding of what Ti is. Politicians with high Ti are rare and they are not generally known for their public relations or communication skills (think Mike Pence or Andrew Scheer). There do not seem particularly interested in a lot of attention or public adoration. Fe means you have a tendency to tune in to others more than yourself in public. Pete has Te which may be why he can seem calculating or in the more positive sense, quick at coming up with the “right” thing to say on the spot.”


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