Anonymous asked: Trying to really get a grasp of the differences in speech and body language, between intp’s and intj’s could you suggest a couple of people to watch back-to-back to really highlight the difference?

IZ: There is a video of Jordan Peterson (intp) and Sam Harris (intj) having a really long discussion on theoretical matters.

There are videos of actors David Strathairn (intp) and Michael Emerson (intj).

There are also TedTalks by scientist Danielle Bassett (intp), and psychologist Alison Ledgerwood (intj).

Book presentations by Brooke Barker (intp), and Chelsea Clinton (intj).

anonymous asked: Hey, remember those comments about the tag with the most resting bitch-face? Apparently, it is actually just a neutral face with no expression. The perceiver is at fault for reading negativity into it, according to Lisa Feldman Barrett, psychologist on Youtube: watch?v=whWbVc6vUhg. So ISTJs are like Switzerland?

Ok, this is in reference to this post, and this post.

I watched the video ages ago, and have been thinking about it.  I agree with her take on it to a point, but, also, it’s pretty clear that some people look angrier than others when completely relaxed, and it also is possible that this is type related, because muscle tension is type related.  (There’s probably also a genetics component, because facial features.)